Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sounds, The Limousines, and Natalia Kills

Tonight I will be seeing The Sounds, The Limousines, and Natalie Kills. All three which are amazing artists. I'm going to leave you with some of their more popular hits. Keep in mind most of these particular artists have already peaked in the UK and are just now becoming known in the US.

Check out the videos below. All of these artists have a great vibe and if you're like me will make you want to dance your ass off.

I will be writing a blog about the concert experience and I will go into more detail about the artists. 

For now have a listen:

The Sounds- Painted by Numbers

The Limousines- Internet Killed the Radio Star

Natalia Kills feat Will.I.Am- Free

If you like any of the above; be sure and check out some of their other tracks!

Videos Courtesy of YouTube


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